Newly opened in September 2019

Openly Creative Design Series

This series is designed to perfectly align our human spirit with the inspiring mystery that emanates from within and around Mt Fuji. It is also perfect for artists who want to follow in the footsteps of our fujiandme2 Instagram account.

With our "Open Creativity" nightlight series being HAND MADE as a completely random process, every light is a "One off."  As such we GUARANTEE that your light will be the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD with its own unique, never to be repeated, design. Therefore on our website the MADE IN JAPAN designs we show are a representation of the current styles available, not the exact unique design that we will actually send you.    

Each light has a magnetic back plate which allows it to be stuck to your refrigerator, bed head, desk or other metal object.

These lights make great night lights for those who don't want to wake up to blinding bright light. They also make great meditation lights, gifts, or can simply be collected as unique works of art. Takes three AAA batteries. More styles on the way. (Size: 10cm x 4cm x 2.5cm) Batteries not included.