Newly opened in September 2019

Our Story


I'm Rob, a proud Australian, Artist, and passionate Expat. 

Prior to the year 2000 my Japanese wife and I were married at the main shrine at the base of Mt Fuji in Yamanashi. This is the area in which Kumiko spent much of her childhood and the place where our EDO period house was first built at the foot of the mountain by her Great, Great Grandfather in 1859. After settling in Tokyo our passion for inspiring young people saw us  operate and own a Design Thinking based International Kindergarten which we set up in 2003 and still run successfully today.  As we made frequent trips to the Yamanashi area, Fuji continued to grow on us both over those years and we eventually decided to take over the EDO house and become more involved in the community within the district.  Now we are about to start the process of reforming this wonderful old building into our head office, a cafe, lodgings and tourist hub for all generations of guests, travelers, and "pilgrims" alike who want to be most fully inspired by this most mysterious of mountains. 

Our vision is to re-unite art and life and this brings us into full alignment with our mission of giving our customers a deeper sense of connection through what they buy. Both Fuji and Art are Heart. If you love Japan like we do then you too maybe looking for a deeper, more meaningful kind of value, the type of value that  connects people at a deeper level. We firmly believe that Art has the ability to achieve this vital human need, so by connecting customers with creators, through new handmade products and the stories that accompany them, we aim to bring Japan lovers together, one smile at a time.

 Our unique positioning and extensive experience in Japanese business allows us to source new and undiscovered artists and make their handmade products exclusively available to the outside world through the Fuji and me Brand.

We promise to do our very best to provide you with the kind of inspiration and art, products and accommodation, that will give you hope on your journey, and in ways that will continually lift you higher and enrich your life. Fuji has always been a key means of support for us in this regard and its something that we very much want to share.

Our unique range of creative new in-house products combine both open creativity and established traditions and are also sourced locally from Japan and particularly the areas surrounding Mt Fuji. 

Like you, we are teachers and artists, adventurers and explorers, we too believe in the future and we understand how Fuji's mystery holds the deeper secret of turning the very complex into the very simple.


Together, lets use this unique understanding to support your Dream!


Rob, Kumiko, and the Fuji and me Team.