Newly opened in September 2019

Our Vision is to Re-unite Art and Life



When you purchase our products and services you are furthering our vision to re-unite art and life. Our short to medium term goals are to Unite all those who love Japan, through Art. However, as established traditions all over Japan are struggling to stay alive, our long term goal is to also support Japanese Artisans by uniting them with those who are passionate about keeping such traditions alive. Innovation in this area can only truly come about through unity with open creativity, and it is for this reason that we aim to support the concept of artisan exchange programs between Japan and the International Community.


To do this, we want to help you too. At the best of times life can be frustrating, tedious and difficult. Problems seem to manifest themselves one after another and often enough the path to our dreams can seem difficult to navigate. As expats living in Japan we have been through a great deal of hardship too, and as such we understand. We want to help you distance yourself from all the obstacles and noise and reframe a new perspective, allowing you to transform. Life IS like climbing a mountain, and Fuji is the proverbial mountain we want to guide you up. At the bottom there may be no foresight, inspiration or imagination. At the top is Freedom of Mind, Beauty, Meaning, Imagination, Soul, Recognition and Acceptance. That's Transformation! Regardless of what level you're at, you will need more GRIT to make it to the very top, so for you, we have made a climbers plan.

 That plan is fully covered in our "Customer Satisfaction Agreement" .

True, it's possible to live life as if perched high upon a mountain, having created for yourself a lifestyle which is free from conventional distractions, it allows you to rise above confusion and gaze down upon the spectacle that is the modern world.

Action is the key to unlocking your grit, and is the only known way to influence this dream we call life. This involves one simple step forward.

A closer relationship is gained, a greater bond is developed, more energy, focus and clarity is had. Unity completes us and culture is restored.

We hope you agree, both Fuji and Art, are Heart