Newly opened in September 2019

Customer Satisfaction Agreement

We promise to:
1) Keep our products, services and communication clear and simple.
2) Provide products and services that suit the lifestyle of those who appreciate both open creativity and established tradition.
3) Provide inspiration and art based on Japan's nature, spirit and culture in ways that support the needs, growth and lifestyle of our customers.
4) Cultivate and promote the Art of excellence (In general/In service /and in the quality of our products and services).
5) Foster Unity- Out of our desire for wholeness we aspire to improve your life in the following directions; More passion, imagination, soul, energy, compelling engagement and remarkable things related to Japan.
We want to guide you from the bottom of Mt Fuji to the very Top.
If you feel that we are not living up to any of the agreements in this plan please call us on it here.