Newly opened in September 2019

A message from the Art factory floor:

How our Fuji Design Lights are made and the art they help to create


Art gives us insight into how to transform things. As such it's a great starting point for transforming the negative and also for discovering the positive within ourselves.

As an artist, living day to day, I try to look at my life like a work of art. Advertising companies are always screaming at us the constant message of creating big, quick improvements in all the things that we do, but that's not the way I see things, that's just not the way it works in the creative realm. We shouldn't forget the importance of qualities like patience to help us improve a little each day. That's been an awakening of sorts for me, that in fact, great gains in improvement do occur over time when little daily improvements are practiced.

If you look at our Instagram Account fujiandme2 for example, you can see how I transform everyday objects into works of art simply by using our Fuji Design Lights. Its this small, one step at a time approach to discovery, that produces the best outcomes for me. By sharing my story and producing works of art in this way I hope to show people that joy, peace and happiness can be found in everyday things.

It can be seen, in this picture of a 100 yen cake tin for example, that such objects are not just how they first appear, and that there is a need to go beyond what is at first apparent. The aim of using the Fuji Design Lights to transform common objects is to share the idea that everyday life can be much deeper than many of us imagine.


Rob Mathews (Artist)