Newly opened in September 2019

Established Traditional Design Series

Our specially selected hand picked designs are the main defining feature of this nightlight range. Traditional icons that have survived for centuries are depicted in this series, making for a classic "World First" Japanese souvenir.  With these lights the basic MADE IN JAPAN design is depicted only, meaning that the design you choose will be similar but the configuration may differ somewhat from what is shown. (Eg. If you pick the fish in the pond, you may expect to get this but the fish will be in a different configuration from what is shown).

Each light has a magnetic back plate which allows it to be stuck to your refrigerator, bed head, desk or other metal object.

These lights make great kids night lights, or are for those who don't want to wake up to blinding bright light. They also make great souvenirs, or can be collected as an ongoing series. Takes three AAA batteries. More designs on the way. (Size: 10cm x 4cm x 2.5cm) Batteries not included.