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  • What's Glow Flow?

    Glow flow is a style. In this style, vibrant shades of Fuji's Bold Red coupled with vivid yellow intersperse with ample translucent highlights from our specially selected white light diffuser.

    The rich and complex blending of deeper reds and purples contrasts strikingly with our signature black webbing design.

    Glow flow exhibits exciting energy and focus intermingled with aspects of pride, passion and romance. For those who want to rekindle or express their youth with the confident feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

    1. Brightness level: Approx. 7 LUX
    2. Size: 10cm x 4cm x 2.5cm
    3. Batteries not included. Takes three 3A batteries.
    4. Photographs are a representation only.
  • There are 2 types of Fuji Design Lights

    Openly Creative Designs
    Established Traditional Designs

    Openly Creative Designs

    This series is designed to perfectly align our human spirit with the inspiring mystery that emanates from within and around Mt Fuji.

    With our "Open Creativity" nightlight series being HAND MADE as a completely random process, every light is a "One off." As such we GUARANTEE that your light will be the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD with its own unique, never to be repeated, design. Therefore on our website the MADE IN JAPAN designs we show are a representation of the current styles available, not the exact unique design that we will actually send you.

    Each light has a magnetic back plate which allows it to be stuck to your refrigerator, bed head, desk or other metal object. These lights make great night lights for those who don't want to wake up to blinding bright light. They also make great meditation lights, gifts, or can simply be collected as unique works of art.

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  • Quality

    The things that we buy have lost their worth. What value does an object have when you can buy ten more of the same in an instant?

    At Fuji and me we know that speed stifles the creative spirit, therefore our products are invested with time.

    Craft nurtures the soul, and through our work this is transferred to the items we make. In its uniqueness, its quirks and imperfections, our handmade items carry the imprint of our artists. There is meaning to our work.

    We want to connect to our customers and the world. Our aim is that you can sense the time and care that went into the making and as a result feel a deeper attachment to our products.

    Please enjoy!